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Heads and directors of the public authorities are recommended to come to and leave the work place at least once a week without utilizing official car

  • 04.12.2020
  • 309 марта ўқилди

The Government adopted the Resolution “On additional measures to support a healthy lifestyle and increase the physical activity of the population” (№ 735, November 19, 2020).

Moreover, according to the document, starting from December 1, 2020, all heads and directors of public authorities and departments, as well as khokims and their deputies, are recommended, based on the principle of "personal example", to come to work and leave work at least once a week without utilizing official motor vehicles.

Beginning from 2021, September 22 has been declared a “Car-Free Day” all over the state.

Until April 1, 2021, “Health paths” will be built in makhallas (local areas), villages, districts, cities, intended for walking and cycling. These paths will have road signs prohibiting parking of cars, as well as special barriers at the beginning of the road.